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Interview fra HKs konvent ” Mens vi tegner i morgen”

Therese Persson har været på en målrettet og kreativ rejse siden hun blev færdig som designer og grafiker. Nu er hun selvstændig. Egentlig var det forventeligt, for Therese er ikke en person, man kan putte i bås.

Her kan du læse hele interviewet ” Mens vi tegner i morgen”

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Her kan du læse lidt om min inspiration og kreative vej – dog på engelsk.

Creativity and endless search for inspiration is at the heart of Maria Therese and you will most likely find this reflected in her prints, drawings, paintings, arts and different product designs.

When asked about her creations and ways of unfolding her talent, Maria Therese articulates:

“In my artistic activities I draw upon a wide range of experience from working with different techniques and materials.

Throughout my career, I have worked with creativity in many different shapes and forms and I feel this allows me the flexibility to use and combine techniques and materials to easily express whatever inspires me.

To add to this I am curious on my surroundings: I am on an endless search for inspiration and likes to experiment with how to approach and create new concepts.

I guess the combination of curiosity and ability – i.e. always looking for new inspiration and drawing on my extensive experience of how to unfold this inspiration – helps me in creating distinct products with artistic flavor that people appreciate and want to surround themselves with.”

Maria Therese Persson is a graduate with honors from the Danish Institute of Fashion and Design in Copenhagen (Dansk Mode- og Designskole).

She is also a graduate with Honors of her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark from Danish Institute of Graphic Design in Roskilde.

She has been teaching at both Institutes as well.

Finally she holds an Academy Profession Degree in International Sales and Marketing.

“To draw you must close your eyes and sing.”

Pablo Picasso

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.”

Brene Brown

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